What Are The 25 Things You Should Never Buy Used?

buy used shoes


We know how brilliant we are shopping resale, right?  We say things like, “I can’t BELIEVE anyone would pay $$$ for new widgets when I can buy used ones for $!”

But there are some things you should never buy used for your own safety, (or because they’re just plain gross).  See how many you know…

1.  Beauty Products – the USDA doesn’t require expiration dates on labels, but they ALL expire

2.  Kid’s equipment – like car seats and cribs because of too many recalls

3.  Worn shoes – a podiatrist’s bread and butter

4.  Mattresses – besides bedbugs, they get reconfigured and keep chiropractors in the money

5.  Perfume – shelf life is 3 – 5 years at most

6.  Bath products – they expire, and usually don’t have expiration dates

7.  Moldy things – ‘Nuff said

8.  Food Products – honey is the only food that won’t expire

9.  Hard-wired lighting – total fire hazard, especially older lighting

10. Worn electronics – due to fire hazards, the same as hard-wired lighting

buy used fanAccording to the U.S. Fire Administration, faulty outlets and outdated appliances are the cause of most electrical fires


11. Knock-offs – start with Because They’re Illegal

12. Used lingerie – you can wash them, but it depends upon your grossness level

13. Things that have touched meat – wood cutting boards are definitely out

14. Open packages – diapers and toothbrushes, or anything else you don’t want contaminated

15. Used wigs – they provide a lovely home for lice

16. Halogen lamps – even new ones can be a fire hazard

17. Stuffed animals – body fluids and creepy crawly things

18. Games and Puzzles with many pieces – unless you know they’re all present

19. Bike and motorcycle helmets – not designed for multiple impacts

20. Medical Equipment – how thoroughly can you sterilize it?

21. Water-stained furniture and books – telltale signs of mold even if you

can’t see it

22. Running shoes – yes, they actually do expire and can harm your feet

23. Any cookware that can’t be thoroughly washed – like blenders with all those hiding places

24. Tires – definitely a safety hazard

25. Baby Bottles – since over time, the plastic can be harmful


Now let’s hear some of those “I knew I shouldn’t have gotten…” stories!



2 thoughts on “What Are The 25 Things You Should Never Buy Used?

  1. Gwen

    Great words of wisdom! I would also include in the DO NOT BUY USED category:humidifiers (bacteria and mold issues), pet equipment and toys. Fido or fluffy may have had some issues you don’t want to share.

    1. fcpat

      Thanks for the excellent additions!

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