About Me

I’m so glad you’re here, because this blog is for US! I wanted us to have a place to go where we can swap stories, learn from each, and have fun with all things resale. Not everyone understands why we get up in the middle of the night to be the first in line at an estate sale, or plan our route to hit as many resale stores as humanly possible in one day, so we need to stick together.

I thought I was a happy kid, but I was deprived. The only thing I knew about “second-hand” stores was they sent a truck to pick up our unwanted stuff once a month. I never even went to a garage sale…all those wasted years!

After graduation, I was on the fast-track in retail management, when a college roommate asked me to go to a flea market with her. I went out of curiosity, never guessing a whole new world of treasure hunting was about to be discovered, and I’d leave retail for a great new adventure.

Since then, I’ve managed for-profit resale stores, non-for-profit thrift stores, and have been a resale consultant. Along the way, I discovered resale online – eBay, Amazon, and all the other resale paradises. I became a top-seller, a broker, an e-commerce teacher, and added as many new hats to my resale wardrobe as I could find.

Fortunately, my family understands my passion is both a profession and a hobby, and why I’ve programmed the car to stop at every resale opportunity, even while we’re on vacation.

Now fair is fair! I want to hear all about your resale adventures; the bargain of the decade, the one that got away, your favorite resale hangouts, how you turned a used crockpot into a lamp…all of it. I’ve started with writing posts, now you add the comments and keep it going. We can also connect on social media, and be sure to sign up to get notified of new posts so we can start our new discussions. Feel free to bring your friends along, there’s always room for more ­-

Patty Stuart